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1Accord innovation Hub is a Youth Owned accredited with the Services SETA, 1Accord exits to create synergies
for potential linkages and collaborations between SMME’s and big companies as far Enterprise, Supplier and
skills Development is concerned, in order to guide sustainable growth and development of SMME’s into
companies that will have a positive impact on the South African economy and creation of jobs.

Today’s Enterprise , Supplier and Skills development programmes have to be more than a simple “ESSD model”,
it should be relevant and have an ability to make a positive impact as far as the needs of the Enterprise ,Supplier
AND Skills development investor and beneficiary are concerned . With the ever changing BBBEE codes, Business
Landscape in South Africa particularly for SMME’s and legislation a wrong decision or investment can cost your
company a lot of money and loss on return on investment.

At 1Accord Innovation Hub we hold high standards on our Enterprise, Supplier and Skills Development Solutions,
knowledge and sound professional advice; we are business owners ourselves and will treat your business and
investment like our own.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable and value-adding transformation solutions through
Enterprise, Supplier and Skills development programmes that will mould, groom and equip SMME’s with
business tools to enable them to participate and grow within the business environment.


Our mission is to inspire & nurture the spirit of excellent business principles while innovating and shaping
entrepreneurs to think and do business differently.


• Good Entrepreneurship
• Integrity & Business Ethics
• Leadership
• Team work
• Training and Development
• Recognition
• Transparency