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1Accord Innovation ,is not only a Centre of Innovation at an organisational level but also at a an individual level ,
the drivers and team behind 1Accord are innovative , strategic and vision driven professionals who share in the
holistic vision ,Mission and values of 1Accord Innovation Hub .

Founded by Mduduzi Keletso Dladla, an Accountant by profession though exhibiting all the traits of a street savvy
black youth, Mduduzi Dladla or Mdu, as he is affectionately known, carries himself with a level of seriousness
unseen in many people his age in the country. He sees himself as the new face of South African entrepreneurship:
ambitious and well-educated with a developmental approach to business. His passion and drive make him one of
the potential business leaders of tomorrow not only in South Africa, but the entire African continent.

As a team we constantly research and develop programmes and models that will positively contribute towards
Enterprise, Supplier and Skills development to fill gaps and overcome obstacles that limit SMME’s from launching,
maintaining and growing viable businesses that have a potential of growing into globally competitive

Every individual within the 1Accord team has their important role to play, to maintain our standards and
business ethics i.e. transparency and accountability all the time, while we continue with our experience within
the field of enterprise development and being open minded is what leads us to great team work because we
believe that we are one big family existing for a common purpose.